The Seekers Centre

In 2011, The Seekers Centre moved to a newly renovated building designed as an environmentally healthy space and a place of healing. The layout, colors and design were chosen to promote feelings of relaxation and healing. Non-toxic finishings, advanced purification for the water and air, natural lighting and eco furnishings create a pleasant, safe environment and solar panels on the roof supply clean power to the grid.

In his practice, Dr. Richard Nahas uses traditional medicine such as prescription drugs, injections and IV infusions with an integrative approach utilizing mindfulness, breathing, myofascial manual therapy, acupuncture, natural health products and other specialized treatments.

The Seekers Centre also provides pain management using a unique approach called the Seekers Method, which targets blockages in the body. This term is used to describe sensitive areas where connective tissue, nerves, blood supply and lymphatic drainage can be altered by previous injuries, infections or trauma. An effort to document the benefits of integrative pain management has led to a mobile data research program called the BEAM project (Bringing Evidence to Alternative Medicine).

Dr. Richard Nahas

Pain Physician / Clinic Founder

The Seekers centre

We are proud to be leaders in the emerging field of focusing treatment on the brain.