As an academic integrative medical doctor who has ‘seen and done it all’, I consider neural therapy to be one of the biggest ‘secrets’ that is waiting to be discovered by modern medicine. This simple technique, which for some reason remains virtually unknown in North America, single-handedly changed my professional career. And it could change your life.

If you are struggling with a health problem, there may be something missing from your treatment. Whether you are being treated by a medical doctor, a chiropractor, a naturopath, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, energy therapist, there may be something major that has been overlooked. This missing link may be a key factor that contributes to pain or fatigue, immune dysfunction or mental illness, lyme or candida, asthma or eczema, digestive problems or cancer.

This missing link is treating scars. There are many ways to treat scars, but the approach that has been used by doctors in Europe and Latin America for decades is neural therapy. As a medical doctor who spent two years backpacking around the world, followed by another ten years spent practicing, researching and teaching integrative medicine, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of scars. I can honestly say that this is the single most important cause of chronic disease that still remains unrecognized and untreated. And unlike many other factors, like environmental toxicity, psychological stress, nutritional factors and physical inactivity, it is easily corrected.

Scars are areas where injury or trauma have affected the nervous system. Most scars heal, but there is a difference between 100{1071260361a6591b2768c24687f2d69ce8520c71da1d587858ed261d75abb6f4} healed and 95{1071260361a6591b2768c24687f2d69ce8520c71da1d587858ed261d75abb6f4} healed. That 5{1071260361a6591b2768c24687f2d69ce8520c71da1d587858ed261d75abb6f4} difference makes the tissues and nerves in the area slightly different. The sympathetic nerves, which control stress and the fight or flight syndrome, are overactive in these areas. This changes how cells function and interact, affecting how arteries deliver oxygen and other nutrients and how veins and lymphatics drain toxins, wastes and microbes.

These so called ‘blockages’ were the focus of treatment for all of the primitive healing systems of the world. Sadly, they have been neglected by virtually all of them in the twenty-first century. What traditional chinese medicine called blockages, chiropractors called subluxation and osteopaths called somatic dysfunction are all the same. The German doctors who developed neural therapy in the 1940s called these areas of dysfunction storfeld, which can be loosely translated as ‘interference fields’ or ‘disturbance fields’.

You have scars that need treatment, whether you feel healthy or not. And they are almost certainly limiting your healing potential and your human potential. These can due to chronic or recurrent infections, whether of the ears, tonsils, sinuses or bladder. They can be left behind by fractures, sprains and strains, whiplash injuries and concussions. The most obvious scars are those that come from major surgery, but minor surgery can create blockages too. Procedures affecting the eyes, nose, teeth, tonsils, vasectomies, toenail resections can all create blockages. Puncture wounds from animal bites, insect stings, nails or even IV catheters can affect nerves.

If you are a healthcare provider with a license that allows you to perform injections, you need to learn neural therapy. This wonderful procedure involves treating scars with targeted injections of procaine. This local anesthetic, or ‘freezing’, has been in use for over a century, and many who use it consider it a wonder drug. In interference fields where the nerves are producing electrical noise, it silences that noise. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and other interesting healing properties. It must be ordered from a compounding pharmacy but it is safe and easy to use. A treatment takes just a few minutes, and can deliver immediate results. You can learn about neural therapy, and learn how to do it, at the first International Neural Therapy Conference being held in Ottawa on May 11-13, 2017.

If you are a provider who cannot perform injections, you can still treat scars. Whether you use an acupuncture needle, a laser, manual release, essential oils, natural health products or any other form of treatment, they should be targeted to scars. You can learn more about this fascinating world by reading about neural therapy. There is good information on many websites, but I highly recommend the book written by Dr Robert Kidd, a colleague and mentor. There are dozens of excellent books on the subject in German and Spanish, but his Neural Therapy is perhaps the best english-language text available.
If you are a person who wants better health and your providers do not yet understand and treat blockages, you can help them. Create a one-page summary of your injuries and traumas. Include your age at the time, the nature of the problem, the body area affected and any major complications that occurred. Include any and all injuries and traumas. Show them the list and ask them how your injuries might be affecting your health. This will initiate a discussion that will almost certainly bear fruit.

While nanotechnology and stem cell research might help 21st century medicine deliver incredible new treatments to people who need them, there already exists a juggernaut of healing just waiting to be unleashed by neural therapy. If and when medicine discovers the powerful healing that occurs when treating blockages, it will usher in a new age of medical research and treatment. Until then, do what you can to learn more about this important paradigm. You can start with neural therapy.