There are many natural health products that are promoted for brain health. While many have potential, most have not been properly studied yet. One exception is an omega-3 fat called DHA.

DHA is a healthy fat found in salmon, sardines and other species of fish. It gets pulled into the fatty membrane that surrounds all the cells in the brain. DHA helps receptors work better, turns off genes that create inflammation and produce toxic amyloid protein. While we still have a lot to learn about what else it does in the brain, overall it seems to be very good.

Studies have shown that people who eat fish have less risk of dementia. Those with higher levels of DHA in their bloodstream also have less risk, and better brain function too. In human trials, DHA supplementation has also led to better brain health, especially at higher doses. The best results were seen in those with milder, earlier signs of dementia.

For those of you who are science Seekers, this is a great review of the evidence linking DHA and brain health. For the rest of you, a weekly serving of fish is probably a good idea.

If you think you may have a vulnerable brain – a brain at risk – there are many things you can do to nurture your brain. This is just one of them. By making a handful of small changes, you can help it heal and prevent decline. While medical and natural health providers can help, you will get better results if you take charge of your own health.