The results of a US government study released last week provide the strongest evidence to date that cell phones cause brain cancer. This data suggests that cell phones probably affect the brain and nerves in other ways, and that other man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) might do the same. This is important news for us and for our patients, whose delicate brains are struggling from concussions and pain. It may be time for you to take another look at your exposure to cell phones and other EMFs – and consider an electricity detox.

The $25 million study was done by the National Toxicoloy Program. About 2500 mice and rats were placed in insulated underground chambers, in groups of 90 rodents per chamber. They were exposed to EMFs using the 900 MHz GSM or the 1900 MHz CDMA frequencies in all our phones. These EMFs were emitted at three different strengths, for about nine hours per day, and were meant to mimic heavy cell phone use.

The findings were astonishing. They focused on tumors affecting glial cells, which are the cells that protect, nourish and repair the brain and nerves. The control group, which was not exposed to EMFs, did not develop a single brain cancer. Not one. In contrast, every single other group, both males and females, with every exposure type, developed a few cancers. Males were slightly more at risk than females, and GSM seemed a bit more dangerous than CDMA. But about 10{1071260361a6591b2768c24687f2d69ce8520c71da1d587858ed261d75abb6f4} of the mice in every group developed some type of cancer or pre-cancer.

This is not the first time that cell phones have been linked to brain cancer. Dozens of studies have looked at the issue. The overall results of these studies has been conflicting, with most industry-funded studies showing less risk than studies that go no money from industry. This is the same thing that happened with studies on tobacco and lung cancer, and it delayed smoking laws for decades.

If your brain is struggling, you need to protect your glial cells. They are the immune system of the brain, and they are responsible for keeping your neurons healthy so they can do all of the amazing things that they do. Integrative doctors pay a lot of attention to glial cells, because they are affected by inflammation in the body and chronic stress from many sources. Cell phones damage glial cells. This means that while your cell phone probably won’t lead to a cancer in your brain, it is almost certainly affecting its ability to heal.

Some of our patients are hypersensitive to EMFs, but they affect all our brains. If you can, consider freeing yourself from your cell phone. If you can’t live without it, keep it a few feet away from you. If it is on your body, put it on airplane mode whenever possible. Use the speakerphone. Use headphones. Keep it away from your children, whose thinner skulls are less able to protect their developing brains.

Studies have shown that melatonin can improve the health of glial cells. Discontinuing opioids and other pain medications can also help, as these drugs can harm them too. For decades, this part of the brain was ignored, but all that has changed. There is a growing wave of research on the neuro-immune system. Many findings have found their way into the treatment I recommend for patients.

Hopefully the wireless industry will wake up and get their heads out of the sand. We need their help. Because we can’t live without technology, so we need to make it safer. And we need to recognize that the electricity that surrounds us affects us. The fields around us affect the fields within us. They are produced by the nervous system, which is literally our body’s electrical wiring.

Energy medicine is basic physics. Keep this in mind on your journey towards a better brain.